Our Marketing Experts will help you crystallize your message, convey your unique value propositions, connect with your target audience and control brand sentiment. We will help you stand apart from competitors, make a lasting impression and provide the fundamental communication and messaging strategy that will ultimately drive revenue and help you achieve your core business goals.

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Why does your business exist? Why should anyone care?

Building a brand is at the heart of marketing - and Morrow Lane’s experts can help your company highlight its strengths and values to make meaningful connections with your audience.

Brand Audit includes:

  • In-person kickoff meeting to outline and review core goals and revenue objectives
  • Review & analysis of your brand identity, positioning and marketing strategies to date
  • Analysis of the competitive market and where your company stands
  • Detailed Brand Strategy with actionable recommendations to
    • Communicate a meaningful, memorable brand
    • Effectively addresses your customers and their needs
    • Drive traffic and increase conversions
  • In-person presentation of brand strategy with Q&A



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One week


Click "Purchase" and fill out the prompted form. We’ll reach out to you to schedule our in-person kick-off meeting. Don’t forget to use your WeWork member code during checkout to take advantage of the limited-time discount.

Credit card information is required, but if we can't honor your desired kick-off date and another date can't be found - you will receive a 100% refund.