CONSUMER TECHNOLOGY CO. Partners with Morrow Lane to amplify traffic, engagement, and sales

Movo needed to introduce it’s new affordable fitness tracker to the market and showcase it’s big advantage - price. Morrow Lane was asked to help launch the Movo Wave into the crowded marketplace and position it’s affordability in a way that still allowed reverence for it’s sleek design, solid yet basic application, and aspiration to make wearable technology available to everyone.  Morrow Lane provided full marketing services from strategy, brand awareness, e-commerce site development, product launch, and customer acquisition. Partnering with Morrow Lane enabled Movo to rapidly acquire customers and grow brand awareness, engagement, and sales.



Launching a new company in a busy marketplace with only a handful of employees can be an intimidating task. For Movo, they simply didn't have the staff to properly execute a full scale marketing campaign.

Our partnership with Movo was twofold:

  • to create a highly-customized strategy to build brand awareness and drive sales including brand messaging, website optimization, earned and paid social media, email marketing, SEO, content marketing, promotional campaigns (holidays, New Years resolution, F&F 15% off, etc), and guerrilla marketing,
  • and to implement analytics, marketing automation and CRM tools to measure, track and optimize results.

Movo knew that it was critical to ensure that customers had a positive experience during each stage of the consumer decision journey, and that they would need a highly targeted strategy to drive leads and customers, including customer-centric web design. They turned to Morrow Lane to complete the task.


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Our first insight was the every-person motto of Movo and allowing that narrative to lead the brand. Movo’s goal was to help everyone understand their daily activities and how they impact health; health shouldn’t be price-prohibitive. We ran variable tests to determine who Movo’s customer demographic was. To maximize our reach, we pressed for mobile optimization of everything, as 50% of internet traffic is now on mobile and younger demographics expect a seamless mobile experience.

We rebranded the website in preparation for the launch, prioritizing these messages and providing the best customer experience for the target demographic. We focused on simplicity and clear messaging reflective of the product’s simple offering and the company’s mission of helping people on their personal fitness journey.

We found that the the audience that the application and product was reaching and had the most investment from - those that are price-conscious and just starting out on their fitness tracking journey - did not convert on a customer’s first website visit. Therefore, we created as many touch points as possible to reach those interested consumers. We created email campaigns, Facebook advertising, and a retargeting strategy to support and perform outreach along each step of the customer journey. Understanding the friction of the consumer buying decision process helped us facilitate a lubricant to the Movo Wave’s customer purchase decision and increase sales.


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results and successes

Shakira's hips don't lie - and neither do our numbers.

Since the launch of our brand awareness strategy, their website saw a 3X increase in traffic. With curated outreach including targeted email campaigns, social media, and retargeting - their emails received a 221% higher than avg email open rate, and 949% higher than avg. link clicks. As a result of a highly engaged list serve curating and carefully crafted and timed emails, Movo was able to connect with their customer in the right ways at the right times, leading to highly effective brand communications.

More astonishing growth happened with Movo's social media presence, showing a 284% higher than avg Facebook click-through-rate.

Movo was also featured on several publications, including Digitial.NYC's Startups to Watch and ABC News. Using a multi-pronged approach to lead acquisition, engagement and conversion optimization - we were able to launch the Movo Wave successfully into the consumer tech marketplace and help Movo bring affordable wearable tech to the masses.


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