• Microsoft (map)
  • 11 Times Square
  • New York, NY, 10036
  • United States

Disruptive Technologists has created this meetup to discuss women in tech and how they've dealt with such things as: company tech culture, motherhood, gender, sexuality, age, discrimination, pay and flex time. The event will discuss what it means to be not only a women in tech, but a female entrepreneur.  The panel will include:

  • Lori Hoberman, HOBERMAN LAW GROUP
  • Robert Delman, GOLDEN SEEDS
  • Caitlin Thompson, Acast AB
  • Aria Finger, DoSomething.org 
  • Leslie Ali Walker, Need/Done
  • Moderator: Kevin Pianko

Full meetup details: http://meetu.ps/2QJJFb